jeudi 17 mai 2007

Bush & Harper Anywhere ... Resistance Everywhere!

><=>< Bush and Harper Anywhere! Resistance Everywhere! ><=><

Call for a preparatory meeting - during the Anarchist Bookfair weekend - for a Summer of Resistance to Bush's visit in August and the Canadian occupation of Afghanistan!

SUNDAY 12pm-1pm, May 20th 2007
Room 302 of CEDA, 2515 rue Delisle
-- (Métro Lionel-Groulx)

This summer, two events will take place in Quebec that clearly show
Canada's direct role in American imperialism, at home and abroad:

** this June 22, two-thousand soldiers from the Val Cartier military
base will be parading in Quebec City before being deployed to

** this August 21, Stephen Harper will welcome George Bush and Felipe
Calderon to the Chateau Montebello, at a resort town between Ottawa
and Montreal, to continue to implement the "Security and Prosperity

We have always known these are the leaders who have done so much for
the "security and prosperity", of indigenous people of the Americas;
have greatly added to the tip-top happy security of Muslim, Arab and
migrant communities through the introduction of such measures as "Safe
Third Country", special registration, "anti-terrror" laws, and the use
of the security certificate; are busy securing Afghanistan for the
prosperity of others; have done such a fantastic job in raising the
security and prosperity of Iraqis (655,000 securely dead since the
beginning of the invasion, as of last Lancet study) ... and they are
here to plan for much more !

While these Heads of States plan to meet on August 21st, the Canadian
war machine is preparing for its largest deployment of troops to
Afghanistan since 2005. Over 2,000 troops from the Val Cartier base,
near Quebec City, will parade in Quebec City on June 22nd before being
sent in Afghanistan to maintain a brutal occupation, where the
Canadian military has been involved in prisoner abuse and participated
in the killing of over 3,600 Afghani civilians since 2002.

We are calling for a meeting as a beginning step towards coordinating
an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian mobilization
this summer. We are inviting all those interested in helping to build
towards these mobilizations or participate in these actions, to join
us this Sunday or to contact Block the Empire.

For more information about this meeting and both mobilizations you can
go to the Block the Empire table at the Anarchist Bookfair (on
Saturday, May 19), or: