mardi 20 février 2007

North American "Security" and "Prosperity" Partenership Meeting -- Get on the bus to Ottawa!

"Security" and "Prosperity" Partership Ministers meeting in Ottawa on
Friday Feb 23rd!

Get on the bus to Ottawa and confront Condoleeza Rice, Peter Mackay,
Stockwell Day, US secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and


EMAIL or call 514 848 7583
[pay what you can, suggested donation $5-$10]


Next Friday, 23 February, the "Security and Prosperity Partnership"
ministers from Canada, the United States and Mexico will be meeting in
Ottawa. These arethe leaders who have done so much for the "security and
prosperity" of indigenous people of the Americas; have greatly added to
the tip-top happy security of Muslim, Arab and migrant communities through
introduction of such measures as "Safe Third Country", special
registration, "anti-terrror" laws, and the use of the security
certificate; are busy securing Afghanistan for the prosperity of others;
are furthering plans for the construction of a border wall between Mexico
and the USA while continuing to enforce policies which result in death and
injury to thousands of migrants each year ; they have done such a
fantastic job in raising the security and prosperity of Iraqis (655,000
securely dead since the beginning of the invasion, as of last Lancet
study) ... and they are here to plan for much more !

Among expected participants are US Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice and
Michael Chertoff, secretary of Homeland Security. These two are
responsible for the continued imperialist drive in Iraq - including the
worst year of violence since the occupation began almost 4 years ago - and
the continued war at home, increased arrests, continued policies of
torture and indefinite detention.

Mexican Secretary of the Interior Francisco Javier Ramirez Acuña will also
be present to defend the policies of their government, which has enforced
brutal measures against the people of Oaxaca, who have been beaten,
killed, injured, raped and forced into hiding. The people of Oaxaca have been
consistently resisting this repression, and defending their right to

Also expected are Peter Mackay, whose ideas of security and prosperity seem
to have been borrowed from his close ally, the apartheid state of Israel,
and Stockwell Day, whose ignorance and arrogance in his horrific policies
are typified in the way he has dealt with the almost 80-day hungerstrike of
Mohammed Mahjoub, Hassan Almrei, Mahmoud Jaballah - playing with their lives
because they have dared to ask for a tiny bit of dignity, using them as
pawns in the "war on terror", that increasingly threadbare excuse for a
particularly vicious and brutal expansion of North American economic and
political interests in all corners of the world.

The 23 February meeting is a preparatory meeting to a meeting of the
Security and Prosperity Partnership, probably taking place in
Kananaskis, Alberta sometime between June 26-29.

To help build for this mobilization, to reserve a seat on the bus from
Montreal to Ottawa, and for more information contact Block the Empire:
514-848-7583, or

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