lundi 8 janvier 2007

Canada : +5 years in Afghanistan, +500 years on Turtle Island...

Canadian troops are currently playing a major role in the occupation of Afghanistan. There are currently 2500 troops stationed mainly in Kabul and Kandahar, and 2000 others will leave in August 2007 from Valcartier (a military base near Quebec City) to join them. The Canadian government is spending upwards of $3 billion for its intervention in Afghanistan, and has supported US/NATO bombings of the country since they began in 2001.

Below are a series of links to articles presenting analysis on Canada's role in Afghanistan (which is rooted in +500 years of colonial presence on Turtle Island -- Occupied "North America") as well as news updates from different sources.

Abandoning Hypocrisy : Canada's Foreign Policy in Afghanistan
[The Dominion]

Canada/NATO Mission in Afghanistan : Sowing Destruction and Misery
[Socialist Voice]

NATO admits to killing "too many civilians in 2006"

[Boston Globe]

Canadian troops knock down doors, interrogate civilians in Afghanistan
[The Dominion]

Les soldats canadiens en Afghanistan pour tuer
[La Presse]

Post-Taliban Kabul blossoms for the rich
[RAWA / Boston Gloe]

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